Russell began his path as a personal trainer through his love of
    fitness and a desire to help people, but he knew there was more.
    Now adding the tools of 
    Strategic Intervention life coaching,
    Russell approaches fitness from the inside out and helps
    the barriers to your happiness and true fulfillment.


    Now an award winning author, Russell embraces writing as a means
    emotionally impact others and facilitate positive change.
    His first children’s book,
    “Rusty and the Circus of Doubt” is
    now available on Amazon:  Rusty and the Circus of Doubt


    Russell’s goal is always to inspire, empower and entertain while speaking and coaching.
    And the feedback he has received from clients and audiences alike make it clear that he delivers that and much, much more.
    His wealth of knowledge and his dynamic, motivational, charismatic energy combined with his passion for helping others make him
    a captivating speaker and an asset to any group he engages with.


“Aging is inevitable, but getting old is a choice.
So are health, vitality, purpose, joy and greatness.
When is NOW a good time to become the best version of you,
living a life that you’re passionate about?”

G. Russell Reynolds