January 8, 2015 Russell

While at the Tony Robbins event Date With Destiny, there was one point where Tony wished to demonstrate a particular intervention technique that he uses to help people and he asked if there were anyone in the audience who was in a really bad way, perhaps even suicidal. There were about five people who stood up and Tony worked beautifully with them creating massive change in their emotional state and their future as a result. But there was one woman whom he didn’t get to. I recognized her because I had met her in line on the first day. I saw the look of defeat in her as she sat down. So I made a point to seek her out during the break. I spoke with her using much of what we had learned earlier that day and what I had learned from Tony in the RMT course. I am deeply grateful that it created a profound shift for her and she seemed to brighten on the spot and told me that on a scale from 1 to 10, the thought of suicide went from a 7 to zero. Today, she sent me a message to let me know that the perceived effect was real.

“Hello Russell, I was talking about you today to my NLP coach. You really touched my heart when you came to me. I felt you were really there at the event to help me. Many people came to see me because Tony did not talk to me. When they came to me, it was always about them, not about really helping me. When you came to me, your heart and your soul were open to give real love and help. Thank you. Happy new year to you, Russell.”

I am so grateful for her kind words. They touch my heart. I am so grateful that I was able to make a difference and that she gave me such a beautiful opportunity to fulfill my mission and be of service. And to her I say, My friend, thank you for stepping into your truth and your power and your heart to share your love and your gifts with the world. They (and you) are far too precious to waste.