My full name is George Russell Reynolds. I was named George, after my father (and grandfather), but I have gone by Russell my whole life, so most people call me Russell. My parent’s divorced when I was three years old and for many years, my father and I had a fractured relationship. There was even a period when we didn’t speak for years. But when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer I put the G. back in front of my name to honor him and facilitate healing between us before he died, which it did. I had the blessing of spending his last days with him and we both got to express our forgiveness and our love.

Now, growing up without a dad wasn’t always easy. Even though a couple of step dads filled the role temporarily and offered both their wisdoms and their wounds in the process, I was left with my own wound of believing on some conscious or unconscious level that if my dad left it was my fault. That I wasn’t good enough.  In my early years growing up in rural Texas, I was labeled a momma’s boy, a weakling, outcast, outsider, etc. You have to understand, I was scrawny, I didn’t play sports (at least not well), I didn’t have good grades, I bought my clothes at ‘Nerds R Us’, I couldn’t get a date if I paid for it and I got beat up as a hobby. So I found plenty of volunteers to reenforce my belief that I wasn’t good enough. But in hindsight, this was such a blessing. Because this is what put me on the path, what made me a seeker; a seeker of more, of love, of personal development, of spirituality. Thank God I didn’t fit in or belong. I might still be living an average life in a small town with a small minded view in rural Texas and would not have seen and experienced all that I have.

I began my path early when at 10 years old I attended Unity church one Sunday with my mom. Now up until this point, my mom was in a very dark place. The pressures of being a single mom working two jobs to support me and my sister (thank you mom for all you did for us) had taken their toll. So when one morning she says, “Get dressed. We’re going to church.” my sister and I were thinking, “Who the hell are you and what have you done with our mother?!” But that was the beginning of Mom 2.0 and the incredible blessing she has been to me and to the world. If you don’t already know, she invented the Amber Alert for missing children. And me, I took to spiritual study and “New Age thought” (that term has always been strange to me since most of it is the most ancient of teachings) like a fish out of water. So while other kids were playing soccer, I was reading and practicing meditation. Later, in my final year of high school, while other kids were deciding what college to attend, I quit school to go live in a spiritual community in Scotland.

The awareness I developed through my path naturally led me to help others who came to me for counsel. But I explored many paths before I eventually chose that as a career path. For one, health and fitness had become a big part of my life as a young adult. Remember that scrawny kid who got beat up and couldn’t get a date? Well, I realized that if I didn’t like it, I should do something to change it. And the only person who had the power to change it was me. So I did. I got in shape, I learned about nutrition, I studied martial arts and that part of me that was drawn to the spiritual path of the warrior was awakened. I later became a personal trainer as a means to help people to to better health and quality of life, but I knew there was more.

While working as a fitness trainer I really felt the frustration of trying to help clients who said they wanted results but then sabotaged them. So I asked, “What am I not seeing?” and began to pay attention and follow the rabbit hole down. Through observation and study I realized that all behavior, from over eating, to overworking, to addiction has a positive intention in the subconscious mind. Even that old, false belief of not good enough. Somehow the subconscious thinks we are benefiting or meeting our needs from this behavior. The thing is, we can meet our needs in a positive way, a neutral way or a negative, destructive way. The priority to the subconscious mind is to meet the needs, not on how we do it. So it dawned on me that if someone was meeting their needs through a negative behavior or self-sabotage, if I didn’t help identify and satisfy that intention or need through other means, the client wasn’t changing the behavior, no matter how good of a trainer I was. So I began approaching fitness from the inside out and suddenly clients were telling me that I had changed their lives. Feeling the tap on the shoulder from the Universe I realized that this was the big picture where all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, where my talents could be of service and I could be a force for good, helping people create real and lasting change to achieve the life of their dreams.

Towards this end, I’ve studied systems and strategies through many mentors; Tony Robbins, Mary Morrissey, Richard Bandler, and many others. I want to add as many tools to my toolbox as possible and to add value and create positive change in people’s lives and bring my gifts to the world. I will always continue to grow and learn so I can effectively enrich the lives of others, fulfill my mission and make a difference that will last long after I’m gone.