G. Russell Reynolds was born as George Russell Reynolds. He was given his first name George, after his father and grandfather, but he has gone by Russell his whole life, so most people still call him Russell. His parent’s divorced when he was three years old and for many years, Russell and his father had a fractured relationship. But when his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer he put the G. back in front of his name to honor him and facilitate healing between them before he died, which, it did and Russell had the blessing of spending his father’s last days with him.

Always having a sense of the unseen, Russell began his spiritual path when he attended a new thought church at 10 years old. In middle school, while other kids were playing soccer, he was reading and practicing meditation. In high school, while other kids were deciding what college to attend, Russell left to go live in a spiritual community in Scotland. From a young age, the sensitivity and awareness that he developed through his path naturally led him to help others who came to him for counsel. But he explored many paths before he eventually chose that as a career path. Health and fitness always being a part of his life as a young adult, Russell developed his skills and vocation as a personal trainer, a martial artist and a nutritional counselor as a means to help people to to better health and quality of life, but he knew there was more. Having a gift with words and story telling, Russell’s path naturally led to speaking, coaching and writing as a means of self expression and to emotionally impact others.

Concurrently, while working as a fitness trainer Russell felt the frustration of trying to help clients who said they wanted results but then sabotaged them before achievement. So he asked, “What am I not seeing?” and began to pay attention to the unseen and follow the rabbit hole down. Through observation and study Russell realized that all behavior, from over eating, to overworking, to social media addiction had a positive intention in the subconscious mind. Somehow the subconscious thinks we are benefiting or meeting our needs from this behavior. Russell then realized that if he didn’t help identify and satisfy that intention or need through other means, the client wasn’t changing the behavior no matter how good of a trainer he was. So he began approaching fitness from the inside out and suddenly clients were telling him that he had changed their lives. Feeling the tap on the shoulder from the Universe he realized that this was the big picture where all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, where his talents could be of service and he could be a force for good helping people create real and lasting change to achieve the life of their dreams. Russell studied many systems and strategies through many mentors; (Tony Robbins, Joel Bauer, Richard Bandler, just to name a few) to add as many tools to his toolbox as possible and to bring his gifts to the world to create positive change in people’s lives.   Russell continues to grow and learn to enrich the lives of others, fulfill his mission and continue making a difference that will last long after he’s gone.