“I’ve been working with you for about 6 months and I have to say that it has been one of the best decisions I have made over my entire adult life. The changes I have made, the changes you have helped me make, have been incredible. And we both agree that we are simply scratching the surface. You have lifted me physically. I recently ran a half marathon and credit your training in helping me get thru it. You continue to help me change the way I look at myself. You have helped me to be mentally stronger and more confident in myself. And the best part is each time, you continue to challenge me and push me beyond where I believe I can go. You don’t tell me the sky is the limit. You truly show that for me, there are absolutely no limits at all …”



“Thank you, Russell for helping me to find the tools I need to be the best me!! My passion has totally come back! My heart is pounding! I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to hear me and support me in being and continuing to become the best me! For the first time since my mom died in 2008, I am understanding who I am and what I have to offer.”



“Your insight is so incredibly empowering! I love the clarity you have, how grounded you are, and the incredible faith you have. You are such an empowering force. A force to be reckoned with! And how lucky am I to have that force as my coach! It is a true honor to have you by my side along this journey!”



“As a coach, the first thing that hits me about Russell is that he has an innate ability to connect with anybody, from any background, from anywhere in the world. He is unbelievable. I mean, why does anybody get a coach? Because they want to get results! Within days of working with Russell I was seeing results! Not only was I seeing results in my business, but I was becoming a better communicator, a better leader, and he was holding me accountable. He just demands the best. Not just from his clients, but from himself. He surrounds himself with the best in the world in whatever he’s doing to hold himself to that standard. So if you’re going to work with a coach to hold you accountable and help you get the results you want, why not get the best? He has an incredible mindset and attitude to win and help you accomplish your goals. You will quit on you before he does. Because in his DNA, there is no quit. It does not exist.  And that’s what you want in a coach. I can’t say enough about him. He’s amazing.”



“Russell, you have instilled in me things I am experiencing for the first time that have been sleeping and just waiting for me to put in place! They are now awake and I am unstoppable! I am filled with so much empowerment and encouragement! Thank you for all you have done and are doing to keep me on the right path to achieving my dreams!  Thank you for sharing your gift of presence and guidance with me! I am so grateful for you.”



“Guess who just landed an interview for her dream job? I did! I would not be here without you!”
(post interview)
“Russell, I did it! I mentally and spiritually claimed this position after the interview! I claimed my life and how I want to live it doing what brings me so much joy and passion! I actually used the quote from your book, Rusty and the Circus of Doubt: “Anything is possible , when you believe” in response to one of the interview questions! I cannot wait to start! So much gratitude for your guidance, support and belief in me believing in me!!!
(later that same day)
OMG! Russell, I interviewed at 9:20am. At 4:20 pm, I was offered the position!!! I am in awe of myself and the magic we’ve created in my life! Had I not read Rusty and the Circus of Doubt the night before my interview, I know I would not be where I am and who I am right now! It seems I am going to need to order more copies of Rusty and the Circus of Doubt for everyone I want to empower! I cannot wait to embrace my role of leadership with tenacity and passion! I finally know who I am and am claiming it and announcing it to the world!”



“I feel I have moved mountains in a very short amount of time because of the incredible guidance from you, Russell. You pushed me when I needed pushing. You supported me when I needed to feel I needed more. You believed in me when I needed to believe in myself more. You gave me the courage to find myself when I was so scared to do so! You have invited me to look at myself and all I have created for my world in ways I never would have otherwise. Thank you for you, Russell! I am so tremendously honored and humbled to know you and have you as a guiding source in my life! You enabled me to truly define my full potential and shine from there! It is in full force and I am unstoppable!”



“I’m 19 years old and was stuck in a dead end rut. I was doing the same thing all my friends were doing; drinking, partying, being negative, working a job I hated, complaining about life, but doing nothing to change it. I didn’t want to be 20 and 21 and still be like this hating life. Doing the same thing for the rest of my life and not realizing it until it’s too late. So I thank God for this program and working with you. You have helped me to better my life so I’m not stuck anymore and I can go after my dreams. You showed me that no matter how old or young you are, no matter where you live, you can achieve your goals and dreams and that it’s never too late. Thank you.”



” My mental attitude towards things has shifted a lot. I was miserable before. Now I’m optimistic. My entire adult wardrobe now no longer fits me. It’s pretty amazing. I’ve lost 40 pounds, I’m more energetic and more positive. You really showed me that I can take what seems like an insurmountable challenge, break it down into smaller actionable steps and really accomplish something that I didn’t think I could. It’s been awesome to see myself do that and I can see it has an impact on how I think about other things in my life too. Just overall a great change to my mindset, my body and how I feel about life.”



“Before, I had such little self worth. It makes a lot of sense why I wasn’t happy. But since I met Russell and he instilled this confidence in me, I feel so much more empowered as a person. Which for me is a really big deal. Russell is such a positive force that kind of just drives into your life and shows you what you could have and how different things can be, it just…inspires you. I have to say, with absolute certainty, that working with Russell has forever changed my life and changed who I am. So, thank you, Russell.”



“From the first moment I met Russell, he connected with my heart, my mind and my soul. And I know when these things connect and are congruent together something very powerful happens; people get their breakthrough. I found in Russell, as a coach and a mentor, a person who has the ability to bring that out. He leads by example and is the complete package, the complete solution for wellness and well being. He transforms lives through his coaching and mentoring and it has been a pleasure to work with him.”



“Russell not only helped me physically, he helped me emotionally. He helped me realize that I was enough. He helped me stand up to peer pressure, my parents at times, or help me communicate better with them. Honestly anything that was going on in my life he helped me through. I can honestly say, without him, I would not be the person I am today.”



“Russell has always treated me like an equal but taught me a lot. He will never put himself above you. He wants to be with you, locked arms, going for your goals, helping you achieve everything you’ve every wanted to achieve. That’s the coolest thing to me. I appreciate him and everything he’s done for me through being there with me.”