Russell has completed his first book, now an award winning book, Rusty and the Circus of Doubt. Russell was inspired to write the book when he heard the way circus elephants are trained when young; they are attached by heavy chains to large stakes driven deep into the ground. They pull and yank and strain and struggle, but the chain is too strong, the stake too rooted. One day they give up, having learned that they cannot pull free, and from that day forward they can be “chained” with a slender rope. When this enormous animal feels any resistance, though it has the strength to pull the whole circus tent over, it stops trying. Because it believes it cannot, it cannot. Russell was struck by how sad this was, but also by what a powerful metaphor it is for our lives! How many of us are bound to a job, relationship, circumstance or belief that we think is some unbreakable chain when in reality it is only a tiny thin rope? Although written as a children’s book, Rusty and the Circus of Doubt holds a message for people of all ages. A message that you or someone you love has been waiting to hear.

Russell is currently working on the second book in the Rusty series in addition to a few other exciting writing projects.